Health & Safety

At Chartway Construction, our commitment to health and safety goes further than just complying with legal obligations. We often ask ourselves “would you want your son or daughter to work on this site?” We then imagine the “what ifs”...

What if one of your own, or someone else’s child was injured as a result of our work activities...
What would we have done differently at the planning stage? Or stage leading up to the incident?

If there is any ambiguity in our thinking, we refocus our attention towards ensuring the site is a place of work fit for our own children. This takes the focus from duty to desire, to ensure health and safety management is a pivotal part of our culture, not simply a bolt on or afterthought. This strategy takes safety from being something you have to do, a duty or moral obligation, to a personal level.

Our procedures reflect this ethos and we seek to improve by learning from each project. We have an ever progressive health and safety record. It is mandatory that all Chartway Construction staff have a valid and relevant CSCS card.

We also focus heavily on training and development, and benefitting from a full time in-house Training Manager. We ensure that employees hold the requisite training and competencies for the work to be undertaken as part of their duties, this includes ensuring, via job descriptions, that the minimum requirements for the post are in place or can be achieved within a defined timescale. Training is continually monitored throughout the duration of a project ensuring that nobody will enter a Chartway Construction site without the correct skills and training to do so.