At Chartway Construction, we consider sustainability and the environment in everything that we do. We aim to provide best value for our clients, whilst completing projects in a way which embodies our commitment to both the local community and the environment. 

We register our sites with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

We protect the environment by seeking sustainable solutions, minimising construction site and office wastage, managing our resources carefully, and complying with high environmental standards to protect the ecology, landscape, wildlife, vegetation and watercourses. 

We focus on sourcing our materials responsibly, opting for sustainable products where possible. We have a commitment to using local suppliers, which reduces our carbon footprint by cutting down on shipping/transport distances, as well as opting for subcontractors based locally (where possible), further reducing transport distances. 

All of the timber we use is FSC, COC or PEFC certified. Moreover, we make effort to comply with the BRE Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing by using suppliers who comply with the BES 6001 and ISO 14001 certification standards.

We actively take steps to conserve and enhance the local wildlife by installing reptile fencing around site boundaries, introducing hedgehog and house martin nesting boxes, sparrow terraces and bespoke made ‘Kent’ bat boxes. Our installations actively encourage wildlife, conservation and breeding within the local communities.