Corporate Social Responsibility

At Chartway Construction, we appreciate that it is every company’s responsibility to generate both socio-economic or social value. We work hard to ensure that we offer our clients and the communities in which we work, social, economic and environmental benefits. We are continually working towards playing our part within a more socially responsible industry, creating a more positive social impact on locally communities and in increasing their economic and socio-economic impact.

This can be by offering cost-saving design solutions or alternative materials, time saving programme amendments, on-site training opportunities, working local with schools/colleges to offer construction talks and work experience, using local tradesmen and suppliers and of course, working to protect and enhance the local environment.

For each project, we consider eight key elements:

  • Supply chain – use of local trades, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Skills – developing skills of both existing and new workforce throughout the whole supply chain
  • Employment – employing both existing and new via the supply chain, targeting recruitment of local people from the local community, underrepresented and vulnerable groups
  • Environment – waste management and recycling, responsible and ethical sourcing, minimising environmental impact from construction projects and manufacturing processes
  • Communities – consult and engage with local communities including schools, colleges, local groups and residents, offering work experience and apprenticeships and supporting local charities and projects
  • Design – design of infrastructure, materials and of the project
  • Asset – consider the socio-economic, economic and whole lifecycle impact of the project
  • Sentiment – consider the impact and outcomes of the project that may affect local communities, businesses and individuals and ease this impact on them wherever possible.